Now this is what we call a useful sign!

Virgin Australia has been using the WAYO digital sign for about  a year now. Their feedback has been vital to us in continuing development of WAYO, and we're pleased to see their pro-active use of WAYO in the new Virgin passenger lounge at Brisbane airport. This simple video clearly demonstrates clever, strategic use of our [...]

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How to be a successful inventor

Nailing down the entrepreneurial drive – how to be a successful inventor By David Ranger, WAYO As an inventor and entrepreneur I’m constantly coming up with new ideas. Not all of them are great – in fact I’d say 99 per cent are rubbish. But it’s the remaining 1 per cent where lightning strikes, which [...]

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A simple idea for digital signage

A simple idea that led to innovation in digital signage From content delivery via a single static device, to dynamic content delivered on multiple devices at once Sign boards. They’re things that people barely pay any attention to unless they trip over one on the street. Those old-style LED sign boards also have another major [...]

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