The WAYO journey began in 2010 when inventor David Ranger decided it was time to re-think the traditional street-side A-Frame sign board (also known as a sandwich board).

Since his first design concepts for a new A-Frame board, Dave’s idea of a versatile mobile digital sign has been developed and tested through many variations until you see the WAYO board of today.

WAYO has been created in conjunction with a talented team of engineers and business professionals.

The original WAYO board concept


Dave Ranger
Dave RangerCreative Director & Executive Team Member
After nearly 20 years running my own business I ventured out into something entirely different: to develop electronic ideas into commercial reality. Simple in principle, but a lot of hard work in reality. It’s the hard work that I love, the teamwork and the sense of knowing that our hard work today will yield something amazing tomorrow.

It’s been a revelation to work with the talented WAYO team – engineers of all descriptions, managers, visionaries, designers, and technicians – they’ve all contributed to the extraordinary device that we know today as WAYO.

I run a mean BBQ and my ultimate goal is to be an international ‘pudding judge’.

Pieter Kuiper
Pieter KuiperManaging Director & Executive Team Member
I love working with WAYO. To come to work each day surrounded by a group of diverse people, who love their jobs and consistently achieve great results, is an absolute buzz. Our workforce comprises people who love doing what they do. I’m very proud of my team, and what they’ve achieved with WAYO.

I’ve spent years learning how to manage engineering processes well, especially at Fokker Space (now Dutch Space) and Boeing. I also spent time working at Ai Scientific and in the Royal Australian Air Force as an officer. I have completed a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Electronic Systems) at the Queensland Institute of Technology, graduating with Class-II Honours, and have completed numerous business and military courses.

Matthew Grant
Matthew GrantProject Manager & Management Team Member
I’m a New Product development specialist with extensive experience in the automotive and consumer electronics industries.

Combining an Engineering Degree and MBA (International Management) from RMIT, and international experience obtained from living and working in Japan, China, Taiwan and Australia, I approach product development with a unique perspective; great products come from finding the right balance between Art, Science and Culture.

Having worked for some the world’s largest corporations I love the innovation and agility that comes from working with the small empowered team at WAYO. When I’m not developing new products at work, I love to smash a hockey puck around the local rink.

Mark Eaton-ReidBusiness Manager & Management Team Member
I have the privilege of being part of the team of WAYO people that has taken this innovative new entrant to the global digital signage market from prototype to fully commercialised product.

It has been an exciting journey that has drawn on the many experiences of my professional life, which has encompassed working in some of the largest global technology companies and in small, innovative start-ups. There is a tangible sense of passion, dedication to quality and unswerving commitment to a shared vision within the WAYO team that continues to underpin the design, manufacture, distribution and support of this world’s first digital signage solution.

Having managed teams of people, both nationally and within a multinational setting, in the disciplines of professional services and business development has enabled me to appreciate how well this team collaborates and to envision the many successes that lie ahead for us here at WAYO.

Leigh BatemanTechnical Director & Management Team Member
Leigh Bateman has extensive skills in electronic design, and a track record of producing effective designs to a low manufacturing cost. Leigh founded IEDEC, which was a predecessor to Elexon.

IEDEC grew from a start-up company to having a $2 Million turnover from 1992 to 2005, without a single dollar of debt.

Leigh is Elexon’s Technical Director.