Step One

Your WAYO will be delivered
in its box and ready to operate

Step Two

Our delivery team member will
take out your WAYO and set it up

Step Three

Your WAYO will be turned on
and ready to display your pre-loaded content

Creative ways our customers are reaching further with WAYO.

Queue wrangling.

We’ve seen WAYO used to great effect in managing queues at large events such as trade shows and exhibitions. WAYO informed and entertained attendees as they waited to enter the venue. Attendees knew what to expect the minute they reached the check-in booths. WAYO moves with the queue and can be re-deployed to another use once the queue disappears. Content delivered to your audience via WAYO can be instantly updated should the need arise.

Pop-up advertising.

WAYO helps pop-up stores advertise what is inside, by being placed outside. Pop-up stores are ideal for selling excess stock or trialling a new concept. Such retail scenarios do not usually warrant expensive hard-wired signage or comprehensive advertising. Using WAYO saved store operators money and helped to draw customers inside thanks to strategic positioning and rich image-based content.

Bring your online store with you.

A customer wanted to advertise their online merchandise store at a regular event they attended. WAYO was there illustrating the goods to huge crowds in vibrant, crisp High Definition. An additional call-to-action invited customers to visit the online store and redeem an exclusive event discount coupon. This saved the customer the expense of setting up and staffing a merchandise tent while at the same time capturing customers who were already keen to connect with them.

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