Content is delivered to the device

via a cloud-based CMS.

runs from its own rechargeable battery

Indoor & semi-outdoor use

Position your message where most people are looking when they are in the vicinity- slightly down and ahead of where they are walking. Ideal for foot traffic areas, and waiting rooms or clinics.

39-inch high definition colour screen

Bring your message alive with crisp and engaging content that you can customise in any way you like. We recommend using high resolution images to make the most of WAYO’s high definition screen.

Easy to recharge

WAYO runs for up to 14 hours from one 6-hour charge. Just plug WAYO into a power point to charge the built-in battery.

The Mobile Digital Signage Solution

WAYO suits larger organizations who need to manage their corporate media from a single point or need to change their media message on a more regular basis. With WAYO’s easy-to-operate cloud-based content management system you can deliver text, image and video content to your WAYO, and make updates in real time.

Your WAYO comes supplied with a cloud-based content management system that allows you to update content in real time whether you are near your WAYO or off-site.

Use text, image and video content, even live feeds, to engage your audience.

WAYO is a mobile digital sign board that helps you to reach further using vibrant and engaging content displayed on a 40-inch-high definition colour screen.

WAYO is a mobile digital sign board that runs cord-free of a rechargeable battery. It displays customized text, image and video content on a 40-inch high defnition color screen. WAYO can be wheeled into place to wherever your customers or audiences are. It is suitable for indoor and semi-outdoor locations.

WAYO is suitable for any business or organization that needs to use street or floor-based signage to communicate with customers and audiences. Wherever people are walking past, WAYO can help you to reach further.

WAYO and WAYO-Lite.

WAYO gives you the chance to change your content on a regular basis and off-site with a cloud-based management system.

WAYO-Lite works with a plug & play system. Create your content, put it on a USB, plug it into WAYO and you’re ready to go.

Not sure which WAYO will fit your needs?

Please contact the WAYO-team.

Easy to use Easy to move Integrated feet and wheels for ultimate and optimal viewing angle Easy to recharge 39-inch-high definition colour screen!

Full HD Display
Over 7 Gb of internal memory

You got any issues? Get in touch!

Wheel locks

To keep your WAYO safe.

Update content on-site or remotely
Content management system license

To create your own content.

Automated power On/Off timers

WAYO goes worldwide

Even though WAYO is manufactured in Australia, you can find a WAYO anywhere in the world.

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