About WAYO

WAYO is a division of Elexon Electronics. While our niche is in digital signage, over the past 18 years Elexon has developed an enviable reputation for creating electronics solutions across many industries.

The Elexon team works with designers and manufacturers to meet client needs in developing new solutions, or improving the design and performance of existing products. Elexon’s in-house manufacturing facility in Brisbane, Australia, allows development, testing and manufacture of products while maintaining a confidential and hands-on approach.

  • Easy to move

    You can place WAYO anywhere you need your message to be to ensure optimal impact and reach.

  • 39-inch-high definition colour screen

    Bring your message alive with crisp and engaging content that you can customise in any way you like. We recommend using high resolution images to make the most of WAYO’s high definition screen.

  • Easy to use

    It doesn’t matter if you use a cloud-based WAYO or a WAYO-Lite, WAYO is easy to use.

  • Integrated feet and wheels for ultimate and optimal viewing angle

    Position your message where most people are looking when they are in the vicinity- slightly down and ahead of where they are walking. Ideal for foot traffic areas, and waiting rooms or clinics.

  • Easy to recharge

    WAYO runs for up to 14 hours from one 6-hour charge. Just plug WAYO into a power point to charge the built-in battery.

  • Built-in rechargeable battery allows for cord-free use

    WAYO is fully mobile so it can be placed in an optimal location wherever your audience is. It is safe to use, with no cords or cables that can cause a tripping hazard.