A simple idea that led to innovation in digital signage

From content delivery via a single static device, to dynamic content delivered on multiple devices at once

Sign boards. They’re things that people barely pay any attention to unless they trip over one on the street. Those old-style LED sign boards also have another major limitation – once the content’s published on one, it’s not possible to change it.

A couple of years ago I began wondering if there was a better way to do signage, and one day it came to me: technology has advanced so far and so fast, that it’s possible to replace A-frame signs something a bit more innovative.

So I began tinkering, built a prototype and started shopping it around. After months and months of carting my prototype around, I eventually found my way to Elexon, a Brisbane-based electronics manufacturer. They loved the idea, and came on board as a development and manufacturing partner. Today our boards are totally designed, developed and manufactured right here in Australia.

Who says Australian manufacturing is dead?

From that original prototype, my innovation has evolved into a dynamic advertising and information delivery device that inspired by the traditional A-frame sandwich board but is anything but. The WAYO board was born.

WAYO offers the ability to update or change the display content on not just one, but multiple boards at the same time via the Internet over 4G technology. It’s also portable, running on a 15hour battery than can be recharged overnight, ready for the next day’s business.

The potential for use is endless. Coffee shops or franchises can update daily specials across multiple stores at the same time; on the spot advertising in malls and shopping strips becomes quick and easy; real estate agents can run dynamic, real time content; and events companies now have access to real-time display boards providing up to date information for delegates. Content displayed is updated or changed simply by logging into a cloud-based portal and dragging and dropping new or updated content into the desired layout and format.

Australia is full of people who have great ideas, and go looking for ways to turn their ideas into real innovation. By supporting innovation and helping start-ups to get off the ground with their great ideas, we’re all contributing to building a better future.

Wayo digital signage

David Ranger is the Founder and Creative Director of WAYO, and is a self-confessed inventor with more ideas than he knows what to do with. His latest idea has led to the development of the WAYO Board, what he believes is the world’s first mobile digital sign board that can deliver content in real-time via the Internet. He can be contacted at info@wayo.co.